Wood Boiler Installation

Wood boilers are something that many people will use in their homes. It works efficiently and it helps to cut down a percentage of the cost that you will usually spend in heating the home. These types of water boilers can be used in homes – but also in commercial businesses.

To begin the installation you need to clear a large area of space for it. It is best to not have anything more than one hundred feet from the home. Install a concrete surface that is four inches thick. You could use blocks or mix your own concrete. Dig a trench that is going to be lower then the frost line that penetrates the earth.

Place the pipes inside of the trench. You should be using one inch PEX pipes and four to six inch insulated PVC wiring pipe. Make sure that the one inch pipes are used as the water supply lines between each of the devices. These wires will be situated on the boiler. Open the back door and run rope through the pipe that will be holding the wires.

Connect the heat exchanger to the plenum. It is best to use water to water heat exchangers. Just make sure that you find the right size that will fit the plenum. Connect the one inch pipe to the heat exchanger and the boiler. Secure them with compression fittings.

Now connect the ¾” pipe to the water heater and install a new breaker into the box. This breaker should be a 15A circuit breaker with a 110V wire. Install it between the boiler and the breaker.

Connect a 12/3 wire to the boiler. This will trigger the heater when it is needed. Install the thermostat that will control the amount of heat being made. Fill the unit with water and start the fire to turn it on.