Sizing The Boiler

Installing a boiler is not always as easy as it might seem. You must first make sure that you have the right boiler and that it is going to fit in the space you have provided for it. The only way you can do this is to properly size it. The only way you can determine the size of the boiler is to calculate the amount of heat loss in the home or office.

It used to be that people would add up the square footage of the building and find something that could heat it all and than some. However, this was proven to be a poor method because it caused people to purchase boilers that were often too large for the home. This resulted in loss of energy, heat, and money on a monthly basis.

Measure The Building

The first thing you need to do is write down the dimensions and measurements of each room in the building. When measuring a home you should not include the basement or garage (unless you wish to have them heated). While you are taking the dimensions make sure that you do not write down the square footage.


Every building will lose a certain amount of heat during the year. However, some are better at holding onto that heat than others. One material that helps to keep the heat inside is insulation. Do research and identify what type of insulation is used in the walls and how much is inside of each one.


Windows can be a source of heat loss in many buildings. Count the number of windows in the home and identify how many of them are single or double pane and what the window frames are made out of. If the home has a fireplace than you need to add this to the list of notes. Make sure to list what materials are used to make it.