How To Control The Boiler Temperature

When installing a boiler you must understand how to set the temperature for it. This might seem complicated at first. However, after you have done it the first time you will be able to fix it anytime it needs to be readjusted. Below we have given instructions on how to set the temperature for gas and hot water boilers.

Natural Gas Boiler

First you have to open the cover to the aquastat. This is located directly on the boiler or it could be the metal box that is connected to the boiler. Look for the knob that controls the high limit controller and set it to the highest temperature that the water should be at. The maximum setting for the high differential is usually around 190 degrees. Once the water temperature has reached this setting the burner will shut itself off.

Now set the low limit knob – that is situated beside the high limit knob – to the lowest setting. When you do this the burner will reignite so that it can heat the water. This setting should be between 170 to 185 degrees. Set the knob for the differential controller for the unit with a screwdriver. You will have to turn the screwdriver to the left or right in order to set the temperature correctly for the differential.

The differential is able to be set between 5 to 30 degrees. It should at least be at 15 degrees if you want the operation to be normal. This is the common temperature difference that they system will allow before the cold and hot water will begin to circulate.

Hot Water Boiler

Turn the hot water faucet on in the kitchen sink and run the water till it is at its hottest. Fill a drinking glass half full of the water turn the faucet off. Put a cooking thermostat inside of the water and allow it to sit until it tells you the temperature it is at. Remove the thermometer and pour the water out.

Find the thermostat control for the hot water and look at where the temperature is at. The thermostat is a dial on the side of the boiler or on a wall in the home with the temperature degrees on it.

Turn the thermostat down to the temperature you want it to be at. Do not go below the recommended minimum temperature of 130 degrees. Let the temperature adjust for thirty minutes and retest it by getting the water from the sink again.