How To Become A Boiler Operator

As a boiler operator it is your job to run heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems, and refrigeration inside of both large and small buildings. They will receive the proper training that will allow them to understand the inner workings of each unit that they install and how to repair any problems that might occur.

As a boiler operator it might be your job to install the unit, maintain steam systems in large industrial plants, or repair any units that are damaged. That means the training you will receive is very extensive. You should also be prepared to crawl into some pretty tight spaces full of cobwebs and other bugs.

There are different ways in which you are able to receive the right type of training. There are some that might get hired to a company and have on the job training. When you are learning this way you might be able to remember certain facts better than if you were reading a book. It means that you would start off at minimum wage and be a simple helper to those who are qualified.

Trying to start off the new job under a formal apprenticeship can take a couple of years. You need to search through the International Union Of Operating Engineers to find the one in your area. This could take up to four years and more than six thousands hours of training. Close to six hundred hours will be inside of a classroom.

You need to contact your local or state government to receive the proper license for the state and city you will be working in. With the right training you can make anywhere between $30,000 to $70,000 a year.