Grants For Wood Boiler Installation

Wood burning boilers – also known as wood burning furnaces and hydronic heaters – are used to heat homes. People will often choose to use these over the standard gas and electric boilers. Unlike most other units, these are more commonly used in rural homes and small businesses and hardly ever for industrial purposes.

If you wish to use this form of heating you need to make sure that it is practical. These are usually only used in areas where there is access to wood and natural fibers to use to fuel the boiler. The hardest part is not trying to use them – but trying to find the best way to have them installed into your home.

The federal government does offer tax credits and grants to a retrofit home that has a wood burning boiler. It is usually only good for units that have been given a high rating and have a low impact on the environment.

This grant will be given to someone by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and will reward someone as much as $500,000 for a renewable energy system. This is often given to farmers, ranchers, or small businesses that are in financial troubles. In order to be given this money you need to contact the Rural Development Office in your state and apply for it.

Some states will also offer grants to people who need to have their wood boiler replaced or repaired. These units can cost thousands of dollars making it difficult for someone to find the money needed to replace it. These grants are given to low income households and will give them a newer and cleaner burning unit.

A tax credit will also be given to households and businesses that use these units. The federal government gives up to $1,500 tax credit for any type of Energy Star approved biomass units. This has to be used in an existing home that is your principal place of residence.