Furnace Boiler Installation

When you are installing a furnace boiler you have to be careful and make sure that you have at least one or two other people helping you. These systems are very heavy and they have a number of attachments that you will need to keep track of. Make sure to follow the directions carefully and have a screwdriver and wrench on hand before you begin.

To begin you need to clear the space around where you will be placing it. Make sure that the unit is as close to the chimney as you are able to get it. This will help to avoid the need for you to use a long smoke pipe and other parts that you will need to fit onto it. The less parts that you have to worry about the easier it will be for regular maintenance and repair.

You need to place it on a concrete foundation. When you are assembling this the parts will need to fit on this easily and perfectly. Make sure that you are very careful.

Install the necessary hot water and steam pipes to the boiler. Than have it run from the connections that were provided into the boiler kit. Extend the hot water pipes through the wall by cutting through the floors and the walls to create the right system.

Now connect the smoke pipes from the boiler to the chimney. This can be vary difficult and tricky. Make sure to follow the necessary directions on your user manual so that you do not make any mistakes. Problems in the installation will cause smoke damage.

Make sure to insulate the pipes so that your unit will work more efficiently. After that you need to link the oil burner to the boiler. Follow the user manual instructions carefully.