Efficiency Of Hot Water Boilers

It really does not matter what type of boiler you have in your home or business. It is just important that we find one that is going to heat the entire home without wasting large amount of energy. Remember that the more energy it consumes the more money we have to pay out each month.

In this time and age it is important for us to conserve that energy. This will not only help us to save a great deal of money each month – but will also do the world a bit of good and decrease the size of our carbon footprint. A great way to accomplish this is to calculate the efficiency of a hot water boiler.

These units will work by circulating the water through a number of tubes – which are than heated directly. This is a very efficient method for a type of super heated system. That is what makes them so great to use for industrial businesses. The equation for this calculation is; efficiency percentage = output/input.

It is important to remember that in any unit you use there will be some amount of heat loss no matter how well it might work. This is just a rule of thermodynamics. The difference is that certain heat conversion processes work a whole lot better than others. For example, the standard water boiler has an efficacy rating of 68% – but it can be as high as 95%.

You need to know the number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) the boiler is able to receive and the amount in which it gives out. This information will usually be written on the side of the unit.

Divide the output by the input and you will have the percentage. A 190,000 BTU intake and a 172,000 BTU output makes a 90.5% efficiency rating. With this information you will be able to buy a water boiler that will help to save you money.