Common Boiler Problems

Boilers are units that are designed to produce heat and hot water for homes and businesses. They are powered by gas, electricity, oil, or Biomass fuels. They are built to last for years without you even noticing that they are there. However, there are times when their time has come and a problem will occur. When that happens it helps to identify the more common problems that can go wrong.

Failure Of Thermocouple

The thermocouple is the sensor that will regulate the flow of gas of the unit. While it does this it will also keep track of the heat being distributed throughout the home or business. This part is inside of the pilot light flame.

It works by sending an electric current that will control the valve that regulates the flow of gas. When the pilot light is blown out the thermocouple will cool. This will restrict the flow of gas and cool off the boiler. To fix this re-light the pilot light or replace the part.

Water Leaks

The unit is designed to control the temperature by maintaining a constant water pressure. There are times when you might notice small water leaks coming from it. This will cause pressure to be lost over a period of time. When this occurs it will keep the boiler from working efficiently and effectively.

Small leaks can evaporate – which will make it difficult for you to pinpoint the problem accurately. You will need to look closely around the whole unit. Measure the pressure and make sure it is set between 1 and 1.5 bar. The filling loop will deliver water to the unit in order to keep it pressurized. Check this part to see that it is working right or if water is needed to be placed in the system.