Cleaning Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers are some of the most efficient and easiest of all of the units. Unlike most other boilers these do not need to be cleaned as often. All it takes is one deep cleaning when it is first installed and you will not have to go back through again until you think that it is starting to have a few problems.

Some of the most common problems that will occur is a discoloration and scaling on the outside of the pipes and valves. If you allow this scaling to continue the unit will not be able to work as efficiently and you will end up having to replace the pipes.

To clean these off you will need one pound of sulphamic or hydrochloric acid cleaners, descaler, and fifty gallons of water. You should buy these strong chemicals from the boiler manufacturer or from a water treatment supply house.

Allow each pound of cleaner to dissolve into one gallon of water. When it is fully combined you will pour the water into the expansion tank that is connected to the boiler. Allow the system to fill before you vent the air out of the tank. Do this by opening the manual bleeder valve.

Now set the temperature between 160 and 175 degrees. Allow it to run for about four hours. This will give the cleaning solution time to travel through all of the pipes.

When the four hours is up you will open the drain valve and allow the cleaning solution to get out. Open the manual water feed valve and allow clean water to flush out the system and remove any residue.

Fill the boiler up again, vent it, and set the temperature to 150 degrees. Allow it to run for an hour before draining the water and flushing the system for a second time. You want to repeat this process until the water that comes out is clear.

Once it is out you will refill the hot water boiler with water and vent out the air. During the time it should be reset to the normal operation.